Hi I'm Murphy and I mostly create mixed media works on paper but I'm also a noodler who experiments with clay, embroidery and other mediums. My work is about the complexities and absurdities of everyday life, about what I see and hear out in the world. I consider myself a modern folk artist and my quirky, naive style is intentionally childlike, but explores grown up themes and issues. Funny, awkward or even beautiful situations are the subjects in my small and  intimate paintings, as well as my own personal obsessions & sometime evil fantasies.  My work for me is about visual storytelling, I paint situations rather than things. I like to  re-imagine and retell  life's small encounters and experiences in my unique own way.


I  grew up on the Northern California Peninsula and graduated from Long Beach State University with a degree in Art History and a minor in Drawing & Painting. I show at several galleries throughout the country, and on etsy.com. I've  done several public art projects, both painted and clay mosaic murals, and handmade tile work. I also illustrate for Pingg cards, Thortful and a number of private clients.

Thanks for being here.