Hi I'm Murphy and I'm a mixed media artist from Northern California. My paintings center on emotion; the everyday struggle of just being human. Through my work I seek to tackle life's triumphs and tragedies, as well as explore my own demons and personal obsessions. My quirky, naive style is intentionally childlike, but explores frank and intimate issues, both personal and universal. I work in acrylics, gouaches, colored inks and pencils on paper or wood. I use both hands to create with, as I'm most comfortable with imperfection; symmetry and staying inside the lines makes me anxious! I also enjoy hand building with clay and creating embroidered works. I'm inspired by American Folk Art, visionary and outsider artists and narrative works of art.

When I'm not making art I make pies, grow vegetables and talk to my animals I show my original work in several galleries and my fine art prints and greeting cards are available in many retail locations. I'm available for commissions and licensing or for free lance illustration.

I  grew up on the Northern California Peninsula and graduated from Long Beach State University with a degree in Art History and a minor in Drawing & Painting.